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Making the decision

There are many reasons to choose homeschool. Not all children thrive in a typical school setting, maybe your local schools values do not align with yours, maybe your child is gifted and they need to be challenged more. It could be anything. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided that homeschool may be the best option for your child. My passion for homeschool began before my child was born. Let’s just say my values don’t align with public school education and I wasn’t sure we could afford private school. Once I dove into the different homeschool methods, I was hooked. I learned that my child would have more free time, she would have an education tailored to her learning style, and I could not only nourish her mind, but her body and spirit as well.

Mind: Homeschooling in a style that fits your child’s unique personality and capabilities.

Body: Homeschooling maximizes your child’s time and encourages learning through play, spending time in nature, creating healthy habits, and real world experiences. 

Spirit: Not all, but many homeschool methods are built on a foundation of Christian principles and faith-based curriculum.


The homeschool style or method is essentially your approach to homeschooling. Anyone can homeschool. Choosing a method is where you’ll decide how you want your child’s education delivered to them, but also what is feasible for your family’s needs. You don’t need experience or a degree in education to properly homeschool your child. Working parents, full-time stay-at-home parents, and everyone in between can homeschool. Each link below provides descriptions of each homeschool method.

Here are a few to start:

Charlotte Mason:



University Model:

School at Home:

Eclectic Homeschool:,%2C%20learning%20styles%2C%20and%20interests


Popular Curriculums

There are many homeschool curriculums available for every style. You do not have to utilize an online curriculum or pay for one. You can source your online materials and make up your own curriculum. You can partner with your school district and do public school at home, etc. If you decide that sourcing an online curriculum is best for your child here are a few popular choices: Faith-based online homeschool program Free faith-based homeschool curriculum using Charlotte Mason style principles. Faith-based curriculum, some free curriculum when you register for free. Faith-based homeschool curriculum Faith-based homeschool curriculum Secular Homeschool


You’ve decided that homeschooling is a practical option for your family, chosen a method and discovered your favorite curriculum. Now what? The resources below will help you determine your states homeschool laws, reporting requirements, provide legal resources, templates, and help you find community. Laws by state, reporting requirements, templates, legal resources, etc. Resources, conventions and homeschool events by state, help with transitioning from public school to homeschool, choosing curriculum, planners, budgeting, etc. All things Charlotte Mason Resources, booklists, curriculum, etc. 

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By Ashley D.

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