About Me

Brittany Robinson

Believer, Wife, and Mother of Six

I was born and raised in a cluster of small towns in Ohio, went to many different schools, had many different homes, and had absolutely no stability. My life truly began when I became a mother and truly thrived when I became a Christian. I am now a mother of six children from infant to college age. Now, my life is much more purposeful than I ever could have imagined.

I gave my life to Jesus at a young age, then left that life and the religious expectations behind. That is until God designed a beautiful path and a very small group of people to plant His seeds along it. He has shown me that a relationship with Him is very different than religion.

Personally, I married the greatest man and have the best kids in the world. I’m a perfectionist, pottery is my great escape, I eat a plant based diet for the health benefits, I love cycling, holistic health is important to me, and I love to read a good character driven fiction.

Being a mother and a Christian are the hardest things I have had to live up to. I had to find a way to make more time for God and put Him into everything. As I am on this journey, I want to extend myself and share my experiences to help support other mothers or just to help moms that need to connect with other moms.

I have 19 years of experience raising children. Every day, my faith is challenged, time is scarce, and mom choices are hard. But when I put God first, then I’m prepared for everything else.


Matthew 6:34 
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. NIV

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