Status & Things

Time is our most valuable asset. Something so simple and offers so much. We spend money then make more, but time we spend and never get it back. I worked in a position once where I felt my title somewhat defined me. I was ready to continue climbing to the top. If only I couldContinue reading “Status & Things”


Cinderella’s story is one we all know very well. Cinderella was unwanted, yet still offered love and kindness (Matthew 5:44). She was never alone in her isolation with her creature friends who always had her back (Deuteronomy 31:8). She was transformed by her Godmother to be given a chance for a new life (2 CorinthiansContinue reading “Cinderella”

Worrier or Warrior

As parents, we worry daily and feel it’s justified because we manage so many moving parts. Our responsibilities are never-ending so why not adapt to worry less? What if we could trust God more? Worry is a learned behavior, therefore we can UNLEARN it, right? We aren’t born worrying. When you were a child, doContinue reading “Worrier or Warrior”

Umbrella Stroller

My husband and I took our children on a family vacation and it felt more like work than a vacation. The packing, alone, was extreme. The sunny days began and ended with kids throwing fits while the baby was crying, sand everywhere, constant stopping to change diapers and make bottles, everyone waking the baby, oneContinue reading “Umbrella Stroller”


So much of my life has been spent worrying about my past choices and how I wish I could somehow change them. So many days I have wasted with these thoughts, or passed up opportunities with the assumption that I was not enough or felt condemnation in some way- because I was a teen mom,Continue reading “Regrets”


For me, almost every major transformation took place only after I made it through the mud. We all have to make hard decisions and the right answer is not always clear. It’s a lot of hard work to push our egos down and put God in charge. The enemy will use our ego to leadContinue reading “Intention”

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