My husband and I took our children on a family vacation and it felt more like work than a vacation. The packing, alone, was extreme. The sunny days began and ended with kids throwing fits while the baby was crying, sand everywhere, constant stopping to change diapers and make bottles, everyone waking the baby, one kid puking, the smell of wet bathing suites from the night before, and sunburns on top of sunburns. Sound fun?

We packed our Honda Pilot full and didn’t have room to pack our stroller so, with limited space, we planned to purchase an umbrella stroller when we arrived. The back breaking walks with a baby carrier sent us on a desperate search for this umbrella stroller. We checked every possibility, visited the same store twice and even purchased one online for pickup only to find it was for a baby doll! How is it so hard to find such an item? I was on a mission and wasn’t going to stop until I found one.

On the last day we spent on the beach, I sat in my beach chair, holding my sleeping baby in the shade, listening to waves as I watched my husband and kids disappear in the undulating, salty waves. It was in the quiet of this moment, alone with my thoughts, when I heard the essence inside of me loud and clear. I saw all of this chaos was beautiful. These little people with big hearts and beautiful souls were brought here for an adventure. If I’m stressed over locating a stroller and trying to find a moment of non-existent peace, that becomes a part of the experience. It was time to be present and fully insert myself into this memory.

Stop looking for things that aren’t there, having unreasonable expectations and lean on each other because your family is your team. Stop wasting so much time looking for an umbrella stroller and see what God has put right in front of you. As moms, we carry a lot of weight. Let’s alternate and delegate.


Ecclesiastes 4:9

Proverbs 27:17


  1. What is one thing you could give less of your attention? Something that shouldn’t be taking so much time?
  2. After reading Ecclesiastes 4:9, who is your right hand? Who can you count on to lighten your load?
  3. What does it mean to you to be ‘present?’

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